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Brandi + Anthony // Rural Engagement Photos.

Mon, April 13, 2015 | engagements

We took the windy road east and up. We saw a few cows and horses along the way. Our destination: the beauty you’ll see below. Out in the quiet to shoot Brandi + Anthony’s rural engagement photos. The scene was gorgeous. The light was perfect. But neither would have been nearly as spectacular without this happy + head-over-heels couple in the picture. Brandi + Anthony are as cute together as they come.


01 rural engagement photos Limelife Photography_001

02 san diego engagement photographers Limelife Photography_002

03 rural engagement photos in san diego Limelife Photography_003

04 ramona engagement photos Limelife Photography_004

05 ramona engagement photographers Limelife Photography_005

06 outdoorsy engagement photos Limelife Photography_006

07 ramona reserve engagement photos Limelife Photography_007

08 rural engagement photographer Limelife Photography_008

09 san diego wedding photographers Limelife Photography_009

10 creative engagement photographers san diego Limelife Photography_010

11 rural engagement photography san diego Limelife Photography_011

12 engagement session in a field Limelife Photography_012

13 glowy light engagement photos Limelife Photography_013

14 rural romantic engagement photos Limelife Photography_014

15 scenic engagement photos san diego Limelife Photography_015

16 scenic engagement photography san diego Limelife Photography_016

17 romantic engagement photography Limelife Photography_017

18 golden hour engagement photos Limelife Photography_018

19 engagement photography in a field Limelife Photography_019

20 romantic engagement photos san diego Limelife Photography_020

21 laid back engagement photos Limelife Photography_021

22 field engageement photos ramona Limelife Photography_022

23 romantic rural engagement photography Limelife Photography_023

24 san diego wedding photographers Limelife Photography_024

25 san diego engagement Limelife Photography_025

26 relaxed engagement photos Limelife Photography_026

27 san diego engagement photographers Limelife Photography_027

28 scenic engagement photography ramona Limelife Photography_028



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