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    Ricky, Tiffany, Amos, Lucia + Zeke.

    Fri, April 14, 2017 | families

    This beautiful family is moving to South Africa super soon. Jesse and I are pretty excited about that because the two of us met in South Africa and God did so many incredible things in that very place, for us. So, as you can imagine, in addition to climbing trees, reviving dead bugs, and squishing […]

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  • jolyn preview limelife photography-1

    Happy birthday, Jolyn!

    Tue, March 07, 2017 | families

    Almost three years ago, I photographed Jade’s birth at home. Yesterday, Chels + Phil welcomed their second daughter, Jolyn Elizabeth, to the world and I got to be there to document her birthday party. It was perfect and one of my favorite things I’ve ever photographed. Jade is the sweetest big sister and Chels + Phil […]

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    Phil, Chelsea, Jade + Baby Bump.

    Tue, December 06, 2016 | families

    Life is so much sweeter when you have friends like Chels + Phil. And, then, that beautiful, silly Jade we just can’t get enough of. We love, love, love being flies on the wall and photographing the every day interactions at home + all the fun little moments when you’re going for a walk in […]

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    Jared, Marisela, Zeke + Luke // Oceanside Family Photos.

    Fri, November 11, 2016 | families

    We photographed this happy fam when Zeke, who’s almost 5, was just a baby bump. And now Luke has joined the party. These sweet boys are handsome (obviously) + little explorers and have incredible parents. Here are a few of our favorites from their Oceanside family photos…  

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  • limelife photography mission beach family photos-1


    Tue, August 23, 2016 | families

    Palm trees, a walk on the boardwalk, ice cream and lots of fun colors! This session was seriously a treat for us, seeing one of our favorite Limelife families! We love all the laughs and the sweet little moments in between. Here are a few of our favorites…  

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  • limelife photography rachel and mike-1

    Rachel, Mike, Logan + Wesley // Milwaukee Family Photos.

    Wed, July 13, 2016 | families

    These people are near and dear to my heart. Rach is one of my BFFs and her little crew of handsome boys (Wesley is only a few weeks new to the party) make me so happy to see how happy they make her. Love you guys. I’ll take a walk to the park with you […]

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  • Limelife Photography Jocelyn and Kieran-1

    KIERAN, JOCELYN, JENNA + MAVIS // San Diego Family Photos.

    Mon, June 27, 2016 | families

    We’ve been photographing this family for years. And every time we see them. Each time the kids get older. We seem to love photographing them even more and more. They are such a sweet little crew. Super silly. Super happy. Super chill. Here are some of our favorites from their latest shoot…  

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  • limelife photography mesanko family-1

    Katie, Steve, Trinity, Trenten + Treasure // A Day at the Park.

    Sat, June 11, 2016 | families lifestyle

    Oh my goodness. These photos make us so happy. This family is so full of love + joy + CUTENESS!! Our favorite kind of family session is THIS kind of family session. Real life. Go ahead, scroll down. Get ready to smile 🙂  

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