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Limelife Christmas Challenge. #limelifechristmaschallenge

Thu, November 29, 2012 | inspiration personal

It’s so easy to get caught up in what I need. What I want. What I think we deserve. Me. Me. Me. But every time I get sucked into that vicious cycle, tumbled around over and over and over again, my head starts to spin. I worry. I stress. And then get bummed out for only selfish reasons. It’s lame, I know. It’s especially lame because I already know the cure-all. And it has nothing to do with me.

It happens every time I panic about any aspect of our life. I hear this little voice that is actually quite loud, “Forget about YOU!” Oh, right, I’ve done it again.

Jesse and I are always working on improving this area of our lives: loving others. And when we’re on a roll and living this out, all that aforementioned worry, stress & panic, well, it’s nowhere to be found.



This December, we thought it’d be fun to REALLY get outside of ourselves and focus on random acts of Christmas the whole month. Guess what? We are recruiting YOU to do it, too 😀  Family, friends, Facebook followers, clients, Tweeters, partners, vendors, creatives & fellow Instagrammers we’ve never met (and anyone & everyone you know): join us in this Limelife Christmas Challenge. Do it once or every day. Either way, just give it a whirl.

Give food to the hungry. Volunteer your time. Gift something from your Etsy shop to someone who leasts expects it. Call a friend who’s going through a rough time. Buy a stranger a Christmassy Starbucks drink. Bake cookies for your neighbors. Use your creative talents, skills or passion to bless someone in need. Strike up a conversation with someone having a bad day. The possibilities are endless.

Photograph some aspect of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it or who you’re doing it for. We want to document it all! Not to brag about how wonderful any one of us is, but to encourage anyone who’s joined in. To give ideas. To celebrate a super fun Christmas season! Follow us on Instagram to see what sort of Christmas cheer we’re up to! We’ll hashtag #limelifechristmaschallenge for anything relevant to this December project. We hope you do the same 😀

Experience & share the good cheer here…

INSTAGRAM: @mrslimelife & @mrlimelife

In a nutshell:

WHO: Anyone & everyone. Instagrammers. Tweeters. Facebookers. Photographers. Designers. Wedding planners. Bloggers. Painters. Cinematographers. Teachers…
WHAT: Spreading cheer through random acts of Christmas. #limelifechristmaschallenge
WHY: To forget about ourselves & love others.
WHEN: December 2012
WHERE: Worldwide!




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