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Inspired By // The Brockhaus Family.

Wed, December 12, 2012 | families inspiration lifestyle

Sometimes you have a random encounter that leaves a lasting impression. It might be an overheard conversation or just the way the wind picks up and swirls your mind into new thinking. Spontaneous inspiration that triggers your next idea. Other times, you meet someone who inspires you consistently. Constantly. Without fail. Their life is a testimony to their calling. We are big fans of this breed! The courageous, the generous, the influential.

Meet the Brockhaus family.

Andrew & Amy are SUPER parents. Seriously, I think they need some red capes. They are selfless. AMAZING.
An inspiration to us.

They just adopted two children: Maria & Elijah. You can read all about their life & family and perspective & purpose on Amy’s blog, Tiny Green Elephants. I’m pretty sure it was after reading these two posts in particular that led us to all of the joy below.

We thought we were adopting one child, but what do you know, we’re getting TWO!

Maria & Elijah have been home for a month now with Andrew, Amy & Finley. And Jesse & I were super blessed to hang out with the whole fam & shoot some fun family photos. Here is just a glimpse of their new life. Oh, and a little something from Andrew & Amy about how this all happened 😀


Meet Elijah, the youngest of the crew.

San Diego Family Photographers__135.jpg

Meet Maria, the smiliest girl I know.

San Diego Family Photographers__128.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__137.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__138.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__129.jpg

Meet Finley, Andrew & Amy’s firstborn.

San Diego Family Photographers__136.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__127.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__139.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__126.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__130.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__134.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__131.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__132.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__140.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__141.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__142.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__144.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__143.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__145.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__147.jpg
San Diego Family Photographers__146.jpg



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