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  • 40 hours in Mexico.

    Mon, August 13, 2012 | personal travel

    We had a little adventure in Mexico with some friends this last weekend. You may recognize Jessica, our friend from With Love, Design. She’s been on our blog before. The strapping fellow next to her is her fiancé, Cody. (And the cute little pooch is Bella. She’s a trip, all by herself.) The four of […]

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  • Happy 30!

    Sat, July 14, 2012 | personal

    First things first. Becky LOVES her birthday. And that’s a huge understatement. It’s something she starts looking forward to on July 15, every year. And this year was no different. Yea, there was a little more talk like, “I can’t believe I am going to be 30!?!?” But deep down, I think she knows this year is […]

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  • Mountain Lodge Getaway.

    Wed, June 27, 2012 | personal travel

    I met Ashley when I was 11 years old. We’ve been more like sisters than friends ever since. She is getting married this October and Jesse and I CAN’T WAIT for this one 😀 I was lucky enough to make a quick trip to Ashley’s mountain lodge bachelorette weekend in Frisco, CO. It was so […]

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  • the boys.

    Mon, April 23, 2012 | personal

    We got to watch our nephews, Wyatt & Dylan, overnight and hang out with them today. They’re 16 months old and so much fun 😀 Of course, we had to take a few photos. First, we ate breakfast. Then, we went for a walk. We got home from our walk. Then, Uncle Jesse got the car […]

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  • palm springs.

    Mon, April 16, 2012 | personal

    We just got back from our annual four-day slumber party with some of our favorite people. There was a lot of catching up and innovative games of Marco Polo going on. A little bit of beer and sangria. Some volleyball. And lots of yummy food and fun games. My abs are sore from laughing. I’ll […]

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  • swami’s, the lotto & a little goof on the side.

    Tue, April 03, 2012 | personal

    Surprise! We didn’t win the lottery. There would have been a BIG, FAT post prior to this if we had. But, we’ve enjoyed a little extra winnings of fun moments the last couple weeks. For starters, we cooked/prepped 3 meals yesterday and got to eat them together! We’ve been running more. One run was in […]

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  • something good.

    Thu, March 22, 2012 | personal

    On any given day, you could be standing outside, below our office window and hear this cranked up. It’s one of our theme songs. It gives us energy. Makes us smile. And improves our whistling skills. Take a listen: (This blog will make more sense if you actually listen. Besides, it’s a super catchy remake […]

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  • behind the scenes: 2011.

    Thu, January 12, 2012 | exciting stuff personal

    It was a… cheesing, made-ya-looking, fake preggo belly-ing, coercing, (at least attempting), splashing, wisdom seeking, thirst-quenching, (and world loving,) armpit sniffing, border hopping, man-bagging (???), baby holding, karate kid cat walking, note-taking, hollywood-ing, corralling, touristing… kind of year. Keep tabs on Limelife Photography in 2012. (It’s going to be exciting…we promise!) Like us on FACEBOOK. […]

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