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There’s always room for fall.

Fri, December 28, 2012 | travel

It’s winter. We’re somewhere smushed between Christmas & the new year. Where I come from in Wisconsin, there’s a blanket of chilly snow covering trees & driveways. But in good old San Diego, to me, winter feels more like fall. My favorite. And there’s always room for autumn. As we tidy up our office, systems & hard drives and prep for 2013, I found a few photos from our trip to Wisconsin this past October. Mr. Limelife was born and raised in SoCal and never experienced a REAL fall (I love Julian, but it’s just not the same) until then. That made it extra fun for me to show off one some of my first home state’s assets. Thinking about the crisp air, swirling wind and crunchy leaves — and our adventures in it all — make me smile. Any time of year. Any place I am.


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