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  • Adventure is calling.

    Tue, July 22, 2014 | personal travel

      Adventure is in our blood. I think some of it has to do with how and where we met, in South Africa. (Although, we both had a solid amount of wanderlust before we even met.) We fell in love while exploring waterfalls and running through and swimming in shallow rivers. Cold rushing water awakens […]

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  • San Diego Photographers // A quick stroll through the ‘hood.

    Wed, March 12, 2014 | personal

    We like to get outside. Get out of our heads and under the sunshine. I went for an hour walk today to run some errands, instead of driving. If I would have been in the car, the below colors, lines & beauty would have been a quick blur. But because I walked and photographed along […]

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  • Mmm. Maui.

    Mon, September 23, 2013 | personal travel

    Mmm. Maui. You sure hit the spot. There’s something about leaving two sets of fins & snorkels in the trunk of a rental car and roaming around an island, in search of turquoise waters and sea turtles. It’s freeing. It’s refreshing. It’s mandatory if we want to make the most out of life. Warm winds […]

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  • Jalama-rama.

    Wed, March 06, 2013 | personal travel

    Here’s a little tale of 6 California wedding photographers who went camping, shooting (apparently, I’m a good shot with a .22 rifle) & exploring a little bit north of Santa Barbara. Thanks Lukas & Suzy VanDyke and Laura & Donny for all the laughs & adventures! More photos HERE on Laura’s blog 😀    

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  • Austin, Baby!

    Mon, February 25, 2013 | personal travel

    A year and a half ago, we became fans and virtual friends of Hey, Sweet Pea. Not long after, we hired them to help us rebrand our business. Our logo, our website design, our blog: all that awesomeness is thanks to the creative & talented HSP! And one of the greatest things happened during the […]

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  • Joshua Tree.

    Sun, January 27, 2013 | personal travel

    We took a few days off and drove out to Joshua Tree last week. We hiked. We made fires. We climbed rocks. We played cards. We got a little wet in the rain. We ate big, fat burgers. We perfected s’mores. We took some pictures.  

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  • Birthday Boys.

    Fri, January 04, 2013 | personal

    Wyatt & Dylan, Happy birthday! Two is looking good on you so far! Love, Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky Not fans of the singing. Classic Wyatt move coming at you.

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  • The Beginning // Love & Limelife.

    Sun, December 30, 2012 | lifestyle personal travel

    Four years have gone by and although we live on a different continent, are married & run a business full time, looking at these photos reminds me that at the core of it all, nothing has changed. We had no idea then that our beginning would shape our lives. We had no idea we’d be […]

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