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Our story.

We both left our jobs & lives in the States to move to South Africa and work for Monte Christo Ministries, now Monte Christo Miqlat. Both of us had been living in North County San Diego previously. I doubt we would have bumped into each other outside of SA. It was July of 2008, and we became friends. And then, a group of us went to Namibia and Botswana for three weeks.

He was scruffy and spontaneous. And he rarely wore shoes. I guess that’s why I was digging who-knows-what out of his dirty, sun-stained feet in the back of the bakkie with his Swiss Army knife. Romantic, I know. But his grimy feet didn’t bother me. Because I was starting to like him. I was 26. He was 22. A little young I thought, but somewhere in the middle of the Chobe National Park, the flirting began anyway. We talked for hours and experienced a place and a life so drastically different than our norm. The people. The wildlife. The red sun. It was all so vibrant and invigorating. He had a Nikon D100. Nothing fancy. My setup was nothing more than a glorified point and shoot. He encouraged me to get a real camera. His sense of adventure intrigued me. His happy-go-lucky attitude. His love for Jesus and those around him. And his big brown eyes didn’t help the situation. We returned to our homes in South Africa in October 2008. We spent the next two months shooting together, walking together, working together, laughing together, dreaming together. We walked away from Africa knowing two things: we wanted to be together for good and we wanted to document the beauty, relationships & adventures of life.

our story

(CLICK HERE to see more photos from our adventures in Namibia & Botswana!)

Our Wedding.

In May of 2009, we started Limelife Photography. That same year, we said I DO on a sunny day in November under a gigantic tree with golden leaves. All of our favorite people were there. We laughed a lot. We vowed our lives to forever be together and then ate chocolate brownie cake. It was perfect. We still love going through our wedding photos on a regular basis. They make us smile and feel all warm and fuzzy all over again.

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(CLICK HERE to see more photos from our wedding day!)

Our Honeymoon.

We knew we wanted an adventure outside the States, somewhere both of us had never been. Costa Rica was perfect! We couldn’t get over how GREEN! the greens were :-D In addition to the vibrant colors, the waterfalls, monkeys & clouds were a few of our favorite things. Thinking about honeymooning in Costa Rica!? Give us a shout and we’ll share some of the specific sweetness we found!

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(CLICK HERE to see more photos from our honeymoon!)

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